Friday, June 17, 2011


Straight from sunny old england is a band called YUCK! While they are a young bunch of kids that were probably not even born i the time that they are emulating, but they have a shoe gazer/slacker rock vibe of late 80's early 90's indie rock. Think Smashing Pumpkins Dinosaur Jr and Nirvana. I think that Yuck has quite a bit of potential when they find their own sound. That's not to say that I don't like them now, I do. I just think that what they are up to now is only the beginning. I am confident that their sophomore attempt will be their breakout. they have all of the elements of a great rock and roll outfit and when they tighten up, grow up and pull it all together in a professional manner there is nothing they will not accomplish. unfortunately perhaps this means that one or more of the members must move on, but I won't pretend to know where that is going to go, but as all superstar rock bands, there must be a change in line up to make the jump from a band with a lot of potential to a band that sells out major festivals alone. bands that tour at places like Giants Stadium. They may even change their name. But mark my words; keep an eye on these guys.

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