Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Black Keys

I don't think that I'm saying anything in this one that people don't already know, I mean, who doesn't love the Black Keys? They blew up right around the same time that The White Stripes hit the scene. And while there are many similarities that can be made between the two outfits like the heavy blues based rock and roll, stripped down with just drums and guitar yet those surface similarities can be pulled back to see two very different bands, one steeped in tradition, and the other well versed in experimentation. But the Black Keys with traditional blues riffs have remained somewhat true to the genre since they began. I remember when I first started listening to The Black Keys I had a very distinct image of what I thought they looked like, but then when I saw a dvd of a live show was totally shocked that it was two young white kids. I'm not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. The sonic force of the fuzzed out guitar and the soulful yearning of Dan Auerbach combined with the frenzied drumming of Patrick Carney make them one of the best two piece acts around. It's not unusual for a band to be long time friends, and The Black Keys are no different, but what is unique is the This is the only band that either of the members have been in. In an interview, Dan was asked what the challenges were in a two piece band as opposed to being in a band with more people, and his response was that he would know, the Black Keys is the only band he's ever been in. I think that's pretty cool. Not to mention that it doesn't seem that success and fame has tarnished their friendship either.

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