Thursday, August 25, 2011

something disappointing

I tend to go out of my way to try and find new music, and while I spend a lot of my time listening to older music, I get really excited about new artists. There are several outlets I go to find out about new bands, and one of them is from a company called Manic Productions, based in New Haven, CT. They put on some pretty good shows here in Connecticut and while I'm here I was glad to see that there was good music here and good places to see it. About six months ago, the manic productions web site had a listing for a show that was all young, unsigned acts, and all from right here in CT, so I took a look at the lineup. I'm not going to lie, like wine, I can be a label buyer from time to time, and if I don't like the name of a band, I won't even give them a chance. I think a lot of this is a direct result of the fact that there isn't enough time to listen to, and investigate every band that is brought to my attention. There was one band in this showcase that got me so incredibly psyched. I thought to myself "wow, these guys have got to be great!" and I got it into my head that I had to check them out. I thought that there were very few bands out there today that would have that respect for the pioneers. The band was called "Split for the City". Arguably, one of the most influential records in rock history is Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, and my favorite track on said record is That's Not Me, and one of the lines in this song is "I once had a dream, so I packed up and split for the city." I got so excited that there was a young band out there doing something that was important. Something that I could get behind, and that they were here in Connecticut. When I finally got around to listening to them, I was utterly disappointed. Maybe this is where they derived their name, but they don't pay any homage to the band at all. Perhaps they will grow into the name. Or, maybe I should stop being a snob and give them another listen and try and find something redeeming about them. But really, how can you name your band something so profound and then fall so short?

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