Friday, April 5, 2013

Dinosaur Jr - You're Living All Over Me

I wasn't the first person through the doors, but dammit, it was close.  I was walking slowly full of a copious amount of mexican food and several heavy beers, not to mention that I'm older now.  I don't move with the cock-sure swagger that I once did.  At the front door were security persons at four or five different stations patting down the lines of people waiting to get in.  It was a beastly and chaotic scene, and while I'm not one to complain about being touched inappropriately, I'm not exactly sure what this particular fellow was looking for when he grabbed me firmly by the balls...  glad to be done with that ghastly scene, and now past the velvet rope I was surprised to see that there were very few people actually inside yet.  Which was a good thing, no lines at the bars.  An empty bar is always a good thing, not just for the obvious reason of being refreshed in a timely fashion, but it also provides one with the opportunity to talk to the bartender and try and make some sort of impression on them so that when the bar is loaded with swine and filth, they will remember you.  A good suggestion would be to make jokes and tip very well.  There's nothing worse for your mental well-being than being in need of a drink, and unable to catch the attention of a busy tender of the bar.
The venue began to fill up while I hurried to drink as much as possible while the bar was still quiet.  The scene was mixed.  I was by no means the oldest one in the crowd (which I sort of expected), but there was an overwhelming 20-something contingent which gave the place a nice low volt buzz.  With Kurt Vile to open and guest appearances by Johnny Marr and Kim Gordon, I was ready for the show to start!  Not to mention that YLAOM is perhaps my favorite Dinosaur Jr record.  There was no disappointment at this show, J was in his element playing with the sonic force that he is known for!  Murph and Lou were spot on as well.  The band was tight and it was clear that this was how DJr was supposed to play.  Years of personal conflict be damned, this was one of the best shows I've EVER been to.

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