Wednesday, April 9, 2014

deviant behavior

There's a movement toward the idea that everyone should be honest and forthcoming at all times, that a politician should be an honorable man or woman in order to represent the people.  There's shock and horror when this truth comes out.  When the true deviance of an individual is brought into the light.  It's easy to sit at home and think "how dare they lie to us!"  We hold these people to a higher standard, and expect that they are looking out for our best interests at all times.  We forget that they are human and suffer from the same flaws and fallibilities as us.  And when it gets really vile and lewd, we think "what a monster!"  But really, what's the sense?  Is honesty really a character trait we want in our elected officials?  What would get done?  For what would the public say of any of us, if we were to have our lives scoured through, and that our every move and action should be part of public record?  I know that for one thing, I have made mistakes and have had lapses in judgement, but I'm not running for office, nor do I hold a position in public office.  What's the difference though? I want someone that I can relate to in office.  But, then again, maybe I don't.  I'm not naive enough to think that those who desire to hold office are saints, and are impervious to the pitfalls that normal citizens are subject to.  I have thoughts and feelings about what is right and just in society, as I'm sure most people do, however, how can we assume that politicians should not only acknowledge these things, but also be held to this higher standard, and actually live this life of morally superiority as opposed to moral turpitude?  Be a part of the solution by getting involved.  Know what you're talking about when you're complaining about your local elected official.  In essence, pull your head out of your ass!  We are but human, with all the good and bad that's associated with that.

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