Thursday, January 27, 2011

deer tick @ daniel st

last week I went to see Deer Tick at a little rock club in Milford, ct. For some time now, I have heard about the place and heard that it was a great venue, amazing sound system and all the rest. But this place is so self righteous and lame that it brings tears to my eyes. And it could be the best sound system on the planet with the best techs and engineers, it still wouldn't change the fact that the design is so poor and shortsighted. I see the theory behind what they did and why they did it. The theory, i think, was to have the bar facing the stage so that you can sit at the bar and watch the band. But in this sort of situation, make up your mind. you can't have it both ways. it's either a bar, or a rock club. The set up creates an acoustic nightmare, where the din and chatter from the bar overshadow the performance. terrible... very disappointed.

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