Sunday, July 25, 2010


I wouldn't say that I am really that into Zoroaster, but I do definately respect their approach to good old fasioned heavy metal. I imagine that Zoroaster is the band that people who don't know anything about metal would expect when thinking about heavy metal. They are a good, hard, thundering sonic explosion with growling and evil sounding vocals.. There is a new movement in metal going on it seems. I heard someone call it post-metal, paying hommage to the genres greats, most specifically Black Sabbath, and to a lesser extent Glen Danzigs solo stuff. This "Post Metal" might not be something that most of these bands are going to like. I think that bands like J Mascis' metal venture Witch falls into this catagory, and perhaps even bands like Black Label Society. I think the harder and darker it gets that it could be seen as having a bit of an ironic bent to it and may attract a crowd that they weren't expecting. For example, I recently watched an interview with J Mascis, and he said that he was somewhere and this person kept trying to get his attention, and when he turns around it was Elijah Wood, who proceeded to tell him how much he loved Witch. Not that it's a totally bad thing, but I think that hipsters latch onto things like this and take it over and make it thier own. Perhaps to the chagrin of the musicians that are trying to be legitimate. There's an ironic, tongue in cheek aspect to the over the top death metal, whether its intentional or not, that makes it something that would be embraced by an artistic mindset as opposed to the whiskey drinking black wearing head banging hordes that were the fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and so on and so on. This might be the next music genre embraced by those in the know whatever that may mean.
Listen to Zoroaster. let me know what you think

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