Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday night rambling...

Everything that we do in our lives, every waking breath, every decision we make, from what we put on our feet to what we have for breakfast, to what route we take to school or work defines us.  On some level, none of these decisions are random, they are a series of very precisely thought out acts that we use to let other people know what kind of person we are.  Every single thing we do inevitably defines us, whether we like it or not.  It's the truth.  Even people who actively go out of their way to buck trends and try and be unique.  You know those people I'm talking about.  Some of them I find to be quite irritating, and others I tend to think are inspiring.  Either way, it's all a studied  and deliberate way of presenting yourself to the world.  Originality is the worst culprit, it's saying that by not falling into a trend and being original, you define yourself by that originality.  But, any way you look at it, we are all defined by everything that we do, say, wear, drive, look at and listen to.  It's unfortunate, but true.  But the good news is, that this is rarely more evident than when it comes to who you listen to.  People that are really into music are proudly and admittedly a walking definition of the type of music they're interested in.  Then there are the passive listeners who are subtly influenced by what they listen to.  Those who tap their toe or bob their head along to a favorite tune, or rock out in the shower singing Hilary Duffs latest single, and while they don't go around pondering the deeper meaning of everything written by Shania Twain, they tend to absorb a certain style based on the artists they listen to.  Look around, and see if you can guess what someone listens to based on how they are presenting themselves, both physically and socially.  It's lame and pigeon-holing and I'm an ass for bringing it up, but seriously... I dare you to disagree with me.  There are those of course who don't fall into a specific category, but you can pick them out too if you look closely enough.  But, I will undoubtedly always have a rather long and drawn out conversation with someone on the topic of music and it will always come around to a fundamental truth.  Like what you like.  Don't let anyone else influence you.  It's like wine.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; if it blows your hair back, and gives you the chills, you're better for the experience.  And to hell with anyone that will try and make you feel foolish.  Anyone who tries to tell you that you're wrong for liking something, or that what you like isn't worthy, aren't people worth talking to...  play your music loud, and sing it louder.  Dance like a maniac, and wink at the kids who are too cool.  be yourself and be proud.  After all, there is a reason they call it pop music, and you can be sure that it's all pop music.

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