Thursday, September 29, 2011


There's something so inspiringly awesome about a good lo-fi rock band.  I love it when I can just grit my teeth and bob my head to some raw, visceral rock tunes that were recorded by a guy, or a couple of guys in their basement, or their garage.  Where ever it's recorded, or whatever it's recorded on (a computer, an old tape deck, reel to reel), more than anything it's the sound, and Harlem has an amazing sound.  Loads of distortion, jangly hooks and lyrics that speak to the lonely and disillusioned.  They are a band that harkens back to a time that disregards production value for quality songwriting and a love for music and a desire to have their voices heard.  When I listen to Harlem, I think of the Kingsmen and the Troggs, two of my favorite bands of all times that were amazing garage bands that inexplicably made it to the mainstream, if only for a fleeting moment.  I think that what we call "lo-fi" today is what they called "garage" in the '60's.
Harlem's 2009 debut, Free Drugs, is an excellent example of the indie spirit, and I for one am extremely excited about what they will do going forward.  Check them out for sure!

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